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Management Team

As a trans-divisional initiative of the National Cancer Institute, the IMAT program’s management team comprises representatives from all extramural divisions of the National Cancer Institute as well as members of the Office of the Director and the Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (CRCHD).  The trans-divisional, interdisciplinary nature of the management team is a unique feature and strength of the IMAT Program and promotes a more consolidated yet balanced representation of technology interests and needs across the NCI.

Office of the NCI Director
Dr. Tony Dickherber, Program Director (
Ms. Caryn Johnson, Program Analyst (

Divisional Program Directors

Division of Cancer Biology
Dr. J. Randy Knowlton (
Dr. Nastaran Kuhn (

Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis
Dr. Rodrigo Chuaqui (
Dr. Aniruddha Ganguly (
Dr. Tawnya McKee (
Mr. Miguel Ossandon (
Dr. Brian Sorg (

Division of Cancer Prevention
Dr. Christos Patriotis (
Dr. Lynn Sorbara (

Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Dr. Rao Divi (