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Unique Aspects of IMAT

  • Multidisciplinary – technologies solicited and drawn from a variety of disciplines and fields
  • Investigator Initiated – utilizes investigator-initiated research project grant mechanisms with the intent of developing better tools and technologies capable of being put back into the hands of the R01 research community
  • Trans-Divisional – comprised of representatives from all NCI divisions having a common purpose of ensuring the development of cutting-edge, high-impact technologies and platforms
  • Innovation Focused – solicits and supports the development, maturation, and dissemination of technically innovative, high risk, high impact and potentially high payoff technologies
  • Technology Focused – does not support traditional hypothesis driven research but rather supports the development, transfer, and commercialization of tools and platforms to enable more effective and comprehensive R01 research
  • Commitment to New or First-Time Investigators – approximately 1/3 of the program’s portfolio is comprised of new or first-time investigators
  • Commitment to Diversity – in collaboration with the Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (CRCHD), provides novel education and training programs for historically disadvantaged individuals from high school to post-doctoral levels in areas of emerging technology
  • Unique Review Structure and Process – utilizes and commissions special emphasis panels (SEPs) rather than standing Center for Scientific Review (CSR)-appointed study sections in order to ensure that each review panel is focused on the development of innovative technologies and reflects the breadth and depth of the constantly evolving science being reviewed